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B.Ed. course is particularly meant for giving professional training to the students in teaching. Therefore lesson practice forms an integral part of B.Ed. course. Lesson Practice is evaluated by 300 marks out of which 150 marks are awarded by two external examiners for two final lessons to be observed in two teaching subjects offered and internal examiner awards the remaining 150 marks. Practice of Teaching comprises of:
1. Micro Teaching
2. Macro Teaching
3. Internship
4. Preparation of teaching aids
5. Co-curricular activities
6. Final lessons
Micro Teaching
In this phase the students are generally made to practice different teaching skills. The university of Jammu has prescribed 5 skills out of which the choice has been given of 3 skills. Our institution generally practices the following three skills:

1. Reinforcement
2. Stimulus variation
3. Questioning
A pre micro teaching demonstration session is organized by the college wherein teachers deliver model lessons in various Micro Skills.

Macro Teaching  
  Lessons in Macro Teaching are planned as per RCEM approach. The demonstration is given by both college teachers and guest faculty members. 20 Macro lessons are delivered by each teacher in actual classroom situations. 50 marks are prescribed for delivering of 20 lessons.

Two-criticism lesson of 10 marks, observed by students in the respective group and supervisor of respective group.
Twenty observations lesson securing 10 marks observed by the pupil-teacher.

  Apart from teaching practice in the school, the pupil-teacher has to maintain internship file and keep record of following activities:

1.Conducting Morning Assembly
2.Preparation of Time Table
3.Maintenance of attendance registers
4.Participation in staff meeting
5.Preparing written work i.e. notes, examination papers, school Ieaving certificates etc.
6.Maintaining of school records

The entire exercise has to be done under the supervision of the Principal I Headmaster of the school. 30 marks are awarded by the teacher incharge of the group.

  Preparation Of Teaching Aids  
  Our college organizes a workshop on preparation of teaching aids for one week, where the pupil-teachers are trained to make varied types of teaching aids on their respective teaching subjects. An exhibition is organized by the college on the teaching aids prepared by the students during one-week workshop.  
  Co-Curricular Activities  
  Our college organizes different co-curricular activities such as games and sports, cultural programmes, debates, symposium, seminars, workshops and educational tours etc. For organizing these activities our college has a well-equipped Multipurpose Hall, Playground, Public address system, Over Head Projector, LCD Projector etc.  
  Final Practice of Teaching  
  The external examiners are appointed for the conduct of final practice of teaching examination for observing two lessons of each student in the two opted teaching subjects in actual classroom situation.  
  Allocation Of marks
1. 15 Micro Lesson 30 Marks
2. Macro Lesson (20) 50 Marks
3. Two Criticism Lesson 10 Marks
4. 20 Observation Lesson 10 Marks
5. Internship 30 Marks
6. Preparation of Teaching aids 10 Marks
7. Co-Curricular activities 10 Marks
8. Final Practice of Teaching 150 Marks
    300 Marks
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