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Examination will consists of two Parts
Theory : 700 Marks
Practice Of Teaching : 300 Marks
Part 1 : Theory Paper
Paper Title Of Theory Paper Marks Time
Paper I Education in Emerging Indian Society 100 3 hrs
Paper II Psychology of Teaching Learning Process 100 3 hrs
Paper III School Management and Pedagogies of Education 100 3 hrs
Paper IV Development of Educational System in India 100 3 hrs
Paper V Any one of the following subjects :    
  a)Comparative Education

b)Computer Education

c)Guidance and Counseling

d)Educational Measurement and Evaluation

e)Environmental Education

f) Issues in Education and National Development
100 3 hrs
Paper VI & VII

Methodology of Teaching any two school subjects from the following groups:

  Group I :Teaching of English/Hindi/Punjabi

Group II : Teaching of Social Studies (History/Civics/Economics/Geography)

Group III :Teaching of General Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Group IV :Teaching of  Mathematics
100 3 hrs
  Practice Of Teaching  

The practice of teaching shall be through micro and macro lessons. The practice o teaching shall be of 300 marks out of which 150 marks shall be reserved for internal assessment. The distribution of marks shall be as:

  Allocation Of marks
1. 15 Micro Lesson 30 Marks
2. Macro Lesson (20) 50 Marks
3. Two Criticism Lesson 10 Marks
4. 20 Observation Lesson 10 Marks
5. Internship 30 Marks
6. Preparation of Teaching aids 10 Marks
7. Co-Curricular activities 10 Marks
8. Final Practice of Teaching 150 Marks
    300 Marks
  Two external examiners shall be appointed for the conduct of final practice of teaching examination for observing two lessons of each student in the two opted teaching subjects in actual classroom situation. The internal examiner shall arrange the setting of the examination and coordinate with the external examiners for the smooth conduct and evaluation of the final practice of teaching examination.  
  Rules Of Conduct  
1. A student on the rolls of college will maintain discipline inside and outside the college.
2. Every student will carry the identity card in his/her possession. The same can be checked at any time member of the staff or the security at the gate.
3. No political and Non academic meeting of any sort can be held in the college premises.
4. It is compulsory for all students to be seated inside the classroom 5 minutes before the lecture time.
5. Disturbing the classes and calling out any student from the class during the period is a serious offence.
6. Proper discipline should be maintained inside the classes.
7. Students shall wear uniform in the college. Without uniform student will be charged a fine of Rs. 10 per day.
8. No outsider is allowed to enter the college premises without a valid reason.
9. Each students will show sincerely, regularity and punctuality.
10. No student will supposed to enter principal chamber, faculty room without any proper permission.
11. No student is allowed to organize any personal celebration or parties in the college.
12. Students can avail canteen facilities only during free periods and break.
13. Littering is not permitted. Use dustbins only.
14. Each students will join the college for the college picnic & celebration of festival inside the college premises.
15. No student shall accept or retain full time or part time job during the period of his/her training in the college.
16. Students will keep their cell phones switched off in the class room.
17. The above rules can be changed, modified or suspended as when required.
  Identity Card  

On furnishing one copy of his/her stamp size colored photograph each trainee shall be issued an identity card.This card shall be treated as valid document of the bonafide of the trainee.In the event of losing  college library/identity card, the student will file an application to the college principal along with a fine of Rs. 50/- for getting a duplicate card made.

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